I came to the Neroli Clinic on the recommendation of my physiotherapist following a long period of poor health. In my case, I couldn’t take medication, but the pain was severe and in more than one area, and was having a truly detrimental reaction on the quality of my life.
I have found the Neroli Clinic to be a very tranquil place and having craniosacral treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The treatment is gentle and relaxing and I would highly recommend this therapy to anyone that conventional medicine hasn’t helped. I will continue to receive treatment as and when necessary. I can’t speak too highly of the therapist, who has treated me with the highest level of professionalism, respect and kindness.
— Anne
I was referred to the Neroli Clinic by a longstanding friend. The discomfort and lack of mobility that I’d become accustomed to, was swiftly diagnosed as emanating from an old injury. Following a short programme of physiotherapy my discomfort had been successfully dealt with and the site of the initial injury identified and similarly treated. The marked improvement in my freedom of movement, the lack of stiffness and pain, along with the improvement in my energy levels has been quite remarkable.
Following the tangible benefits I’d experienced from my physio, I was keen to explore the potential benefits of craniosacral therapy, which Neroli offers. I was slightly dubious at first, but I’ve have been tremendously pleased, and to no little extent moved by the uplifting effects that this treatment has had on me – it seems to work on many different levels.
I now look forward to the occasional craniosacral session at the Neroli Clinic as I know that I will leave feeling rejuvenated, calm, and centred, and able to take on the stresses of everyday modern life.
— Steve

I started having acupuncture with Polly in 2007 when my husband and I were told, that in order to conceive, we would need to have IVF.

 This was a very daunting time as neither of us knew what to expect. But Polly had such knowledge and experience of fertility issues that, in addition to setting up a programme of treatment based around our IVF cycle, she was able to give us an idea of what to expect.

Our journey turned out to be a long one with much heartache and loss. There were times when we questioned whether or not we would ever become parents.

Throughout everything, Polly was my rock. She has been incredibly supportive, encouraging, empathetic and ultimately professional. She has provided links to other professionals who have also been amazing.

Polly is a very special therapist. I don’t think I could have come through this journey without her kindness and constant support. I always felt that the needles treated my body and Polly treated my mind. She always took time to listen and I often felt that the time I spent talking to Polly was as beneficial as the needles.

We have been rewarded with the gift of our amazing son, Leo who makes this whole experience worthwhile. We cannot thank Polly enough for all that she has done for us.
— Kelly
As my previous reflexologist stopped practicing, I had not had a treatment for some time. I was therefore delighted to find Jane Fullerton, who has proved to be an excellent reflexologist, very in touch with the body and a very caring person. I have a number of health issues and she is gradually putting me back in balance.

I had been waiting several months for a hospital appointment for suspected arthritis in my hand and wrist, but it became so painful, I found it difficult to do simple, everyday tasks, such as writing and driving. I couldn’t even hold my daughter’s hand.  I’m under 40, so I began to think there must be something that would help, other than the suggested steroid medication with its significant and unpleasant side effects. I made some enquiries about acupuncture, and several people recommended Polly. 

I have been overwhelmed by the difference Polly’s treatment has made. She took a holistic approach; searching for possible causes of stress or anxiety which might have aggravated the pain. I now have full use of my hand again and it no longer hurts.  I am truly grateful and I believe that acupuncture works really well alongside conventional medical investigation.
— Susan

After a stressful pregnancy spent on bedrest, against all the odds we were delighted to welcome our son Evan who arrived by caesarean section five weeks early, but otherwise healthy. Due to lack of room in my misshapen uterus, he had been squashed inside me and his head was misshapen. His legs were extended above his head, and bent the wrong way at the knee, which was corrected with physiotherapy.
Evan was a very unsettled baby and rarely napped for more than 30 minutes at a time, if at all. After putting him to bed at 7pm, he would wake every 30 to 40 minutes in a rage, often vomiting as the result of the state he’d get into. He’d finally settle around 12ish when exhaustion took over, only to wake again during the night, unable to get back to sleep for sometimes up to two hours, despite all our efforts. My husband started work at 5.15 am so we were all exhausted, and none more so than poor Evan.
I had heard about cranial massage to hep unsettled babies but assumed that Evan was too old to benefit, but when he was 20 months old, we started treatment with Jane. Evan was a lively toddler so treatments were short and often done while Evan was sat on my lap listening to a story, or playing with toys on the floor. 

I was unsure how such a gentle touch could help him, but we noticed improvements in his sleeping after the first treatment. As the weeks went by, Evan woke less and less, and by the time we stopped seeing Jane about four months later, he was sleeping 7pm to 7am most nights. On the rare occasions that he woke at all, he was settling again easily. At two and a half years old, things were still so much better than they once were and we all felt like completely different people. I just wish we had started treatment earlier.
— Rebecca