The Neroli Clinic works with you throughout each trimester of your pregnancy, helping you and your baby to feel the very best you can. Each stage can bring challenges, from nausea and exhaustion to back ache, swollen ankles and anxiety about birth and beyond. 

Alongside your medical care, our range of therapies can help to support you and your baby to feel relaxed and well throughout.

Towards the end of your pregnancy our therapies aim to build your energy reserves ready for the birthing process and in preparation for the post-natal period.

I was introduced to the idea of craniosacral therapy when I was pregnant with my first child. I was suffering from morning sickness and painful headaches. My experience at the Neroli Clinic was extremely positive; it helped me greatly by eliminating my head aches and morning sickness by the second session, and ensured I was relaxed and calm. I continued to have treatment throughout my pregnancy and I believe that this is the reason I felt very well throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Neroli Clinic and craniosacral therapy - my experience has been so beneficial to my well-being.
— Carly